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If you check out the Shopify App Store website this week, you'll see a familiar name on the front page :).
Randy, Head of Customer Success ⛏️
Sesami is the Shopify Commerce Award Winner: Best Omnichannel Experience
Reduced Holiday Support - April 2 and April 5
Upcoming Holiday Schedule!
We will be at reduced support capacity during the upcoming holidays on
Friday, April 2nd and Monday, April 5
Thanks for your patience and understanding!
Randy, Head of Customer Success 🐇
Custom Integration (Priority Development Support)
We are now offering (paid) custom integration and development support to merchants who do not have the time or expertise to customize their themes or manually integrate Sesami.
It is a one-time fee of $59, which you can purchase directly from our Shopify storefront:
Some examples of integration requests that we have done in the past include:
  • manual integration for non-official Shopify themes (themes not purchased on the Shopify theme store).
  • hiding of quantity, price, or duration field.
  • home page integration or feature product integration.
  • drop-down menu customizations of group appointments.
  • custom add-to-cart workflows.
  • addition of forms/surveys on the product booking page.
We also offer this service (one-time custom integration) to our medium and pro plans as part of the subscription package.
We hope that offering this service, helps you merchants who have the enthusiasm but not necessarily the web development staff to do your own manual integrations and customizations. As always, feel free to email us at if you have questions regarding our Custom Integration services.
Randy, Head of Customer Success 🏡💻
Video: Pre-Paid Packges or Bundles
Using Shopify's gift card product, you can set up pre-paid packages or bundles that your customers can use to book individual appointments on Sesami.
Randy, Head of Customer Success ✨
Visual and Under-the-Hood Updates
Recently, we implemented a few under-the-hood updates to the core Sesami app that we think will have a big impact on your experience.
The first thing that you might have already noticed, if you have logged onto your account, is that there is now a completely new look and feel of Sesami!
This includes a brand new navigation menu that's simpler and sleeker than before.
Behind the curtain, we have upgraded over to the latest version of Shopify’s design system - Polaris - which means that the Sesami app will visually look more integrated with Shopify's design aesthetics and also at the same time, produce faster performance with its clean and simple style.
This update will also provide native navigation on all browsers as well as mobile apps.
no more cookies
Ramtin, our head of development writes,
"we can now say goodbye to 'Enable cookies' screen that we had to display on the app, and also all the hassle with Safari detecting us as a tracker and blocking our cookies, resulting in merchants sometimes being unable to use our app or parts of it, especially on Apple, devices."
Lastly, we have converted all our modals in our app (for example, team member availability management and calendar events) to a different component that will enable them to load much, much faster.
That's it! As always please send us any feedback you might have over on our help site or by email
Randy, Head of Customer Success 🍪
Upcoming Scheduled Maintenance - March 14, 2021
We will be conducting scheduled maintenance on
Sunday, March 14th, 2021, at 10:00:00 am (America/Montreal)
for up to 15 minutes. Sesami will be unavailable during this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Buffer Times in Sesami
What is a buffer time on my calendar and how do I use it? Watch the quick video above for an overview on setting this up on your Sesami booking app.
Randy 🦊
Reservation Period
We have added functionality for bookings to be "reserved" on the calendar when the time has been chosen by the client on the calendar but has not been purchased yet. What this effectively accomplishes is that there will now be two states in which the timeslot gets taken:
  1. "Reserved" state (pre-purchase)
  2. "Booked" state (after purchase)
During those two states, that timeslot will be deducted by the available amount by 1. So if there is just 1 booking available per time slot, that time slot will just not be available for subsequent customers.
You can set how long that reservation period is for under
Sesami > Settings
At the moment, this functionality is in beta. If you would like this to be activated for your account, just send us a message with your account info.
Some other improvements along that way that we have implemented:
  • Multi-service group bug fixes.
  • Mark slot as free if it has less bookings than the full capacity.
  • Display validate appointments in cart option under
    Sesami > Settings
  • Minor UI update on the calendar for the "confirm" button. It is now on a locked horizontal area instead of being fixed, allowing for scrolling of the calendar.
Randy 💎✋
Cart type: Page
If you are finding that the Sesami button is not loading on your theme, you might have your cart type set to inline or checkout!
Make sure to set your cart type to "Page" (default Shopify cart type) under the cart options of your theme settings. :)
Randy 🤓
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