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Sesami V2 Calendar

The wait is over!
Our brand new calendar is released in closed Beta and this is how it looks
Interested in trying it out?
Email and get started.
Now you can enable Instant Booking on any of your Sesami services and let customers book without going through the Shopify Checkout. Awesome, huh?!
Read more about it and get it on your store:
Sesami, as the booking platform for commerce, is introducing the most advanced way to manage notifications.
This is a breakthrough in our innovations, enabling you merchants and partners to build custom booking journeys. And with an advanced scheduler, you can now schedule notifications to be delivered by Sesami or Klaviyo or other marketing apps.
Using our Webhook trigger actions, you can also feed data to your own custom apps and do anything you need for your custom integration.
Read more:






Release Notes - September 27th.

A new version is released. Here is a summary of changes:
Supporting the Dawn Theme OOTB
We now support the Dawn theme - the new Shopify standard - out of the box.
User Friendly Messaging
For customer cancellation and rescheduling pages, we used to expire right after the allowed time for making changes was passed. The customer was seeing an Error message that the link is expired. Now we show them a more informative message up until the appointment start time.
Better, huh?
+ Some minor UI improvements.
Hello there Merchants!
We have some quick updates for this Monday morning.
FIXED - Time slot unavailable situation.
Some customers were receiving the error,
“Someone else has already booked this time, please select another time”
and could not choose an appropriate time slot. The error was happening when the selected timeslot, when converted to UTC, spanned over multiple days.
FIXED - Google Chrome issue
. Google published a recent update that was resulting in Sesami not loading correctly. We patched the app and confirmed that everything is back to normal. Reference:
IMPROVED - Reservation period enabled by default.
The reservation period is now enabled by default for all new accounts (with a time of 10 minutes). You can find this under
Settings > Reservation Period
IMPROVED - Reservation period notification.
On the storefront, a small note will be displayed beside the confirm button when the reservation is enabled.
image (3)
IMPROVED - Onboarding is now available to all paid plans.
To improve the customer journey for our merchants, we have enabled all paid packages to book an onboarding session with one of our team members in customer success. We highly recommend an onboarding to all merchants but especially to those new to the Shopify ecosystem.
Randy, Head of Customer Success 🐛🔨
Earlier today, there was an incident in our Cloud infrastructure that caused our app to be unavailable for almost 50 minutes. This happened from
2:20am EDT
and our Head of Technology, Ramtin, was able to identify and fix the issue by
3:10am EDT
. Whew! 😰
We apologize for all those merchants that were affected (especially our friends from across the globe in Asia and Australia).
Randy, Head of Customer Success 🌙🦉
Appointments Report (Pro Plans)
We have just released our reporting tool that can generate an export of selected filters (such as date range, upcoming, past, or all) straight to your admin address.
The appointments report feature is now available for all PRO PLAN accounts.
Reservation Period Enabled for All Accounts
Our beta of the reservation is over and we are pleased to enable it for all Sesami accounts.
For more information about the reservation period feature of Sesami, check out our help guide here:
Randy, Head of Customer Success 📝
Recently, we had been getting a few reports that the google calendar sync functionality from Google Cal to Sesami was alarmingly slow to update.
As many of our merchants rely on the google calendar sync to keep their team member calendars up to date, we did some plumbing underneath the hood and were able to identify and patch up the leak.
Google Cal to Sesami is now back to
near-instantaneous synchronization
! Thanks to all the merchants who were able to help us identify and track the issue down.
Randy, Head of Customer Success 🛠️
Monday, May 24, 2021, is a holiday here in Canada (Victoria Day / Journée nationale des patriotes) 🍁. As such, we will be at reduced support capacity. We thank you for your patience in advance.
What is this Canadian holiday about anyways?
The British queen was born on May 24, 1819. She was a reigning monarch (Queen) for 63 years, seven months and two days. Victoria Day was declared a Canadian holiday by the government in 1845. At that time, it was celebrated with picnics, parades, sporting tournaments, fireworks and cannon salutes. When Queen Victoria died in 1901, Canada’s parliament officially named the holiday Victoria Day.
On this day, we just have dance-offs. Lots and lots of dance-offs.
Randy, Head of Customer Success 🕺
If you check out the Shopify App Store website this week, you'll see a familiar name on the front page :).
Randy, Head of Customer Success ⛏️
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